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You Are Bound To Get Hacked and Here Are Four Reasons Why

March 6, 2014 Other Tech and Information No Comments

You can’t miss the news about hacking. Target and Neiman Marcus are just among the many that got victimized by hackers. And there is no let up. If you think that there is no harm in getting your email address, social security number, card number or account number—you’re so nave. Even if you cancel your card, these wily thieves can use the information they stole to cause problems that you may end up paying for. Don’t get fooled and stay on top. Here are four reasons how you can get victimized by hackers.

Email scams

You have probably asked to click on a link by an email that you got from an unknown source. The message is telling you to enter your credentials because your online banking account got compromised. Good luck. Chances are you are being cornered by a large spider and you’re the fly that gets trapped in his parlor. Email scams also known as phishing basically fishes for information. You willfully give it to hackers to make your life miserable. Don’t be fooled. Most banking institutions will never ask for your password over email.

Targeted scams

Another form of phishing is the targeted kind. Targeted scams narrow their prey using smart algorithms and focus their attention to vulnerable individuals. Often, hackers use social engineering to fool people through tailored emails that may look legit. Again, the method of getting the information is to lead you to think that you’re logging in to a real site when in fact you’re not.

Number hack

Do you remember the Snapchat hack? Hackers got tons of phone numbers out of that attack. Now you think what would hackers get out from the Snapchat hack if they only got tons of telephone numbers? Good question. Hackers would then use the numbers and call you up pretending to be someone from your bank. They are going to get your account number and routing number to do an ACH payment and steal money from your bank account. The number would also allow them to download a malware and cause havoc to your computer.

Cellphone hack

A cellphone hack is basically using the cellphone numbers that hackers got to text people to download a malware to their phones. Often hackers would also ask for your email address and then boom they are able to get some financial information.

The truth is that we need to remain vigilant in protecting our information. Never give personal or financial information over the phone. Transact only with legitimate banking online services that offer two-step authentication. Always check your credit reports with credit reporting institutions and always destroy documents that have your financial info or social security number before discarding it to the bin.

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