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Wireless Communication Yesterday and Today

August 27, 2014 Other Tech and Information No Comments

The current world is always on the verge of advanced technology. Every six seconds, innovation takes place, more so in the field of wireless communication. It was only twenty years ago that many of us ordinary citizens became truly interested in communicating wirelessly. These days, however, because of the escalating demand for wireless communication devices, telecommunications companies have pushed the envelope and yielded device after superb device of cutting edge technology that even kids age 3 can benefit from. A peek into the evolution of wireless communication is, therefore, warranted at this point.

The Advent of Wireless Communication

In 1880, Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone inventor, and Charles Sumner Tainter conducted the first ever wireless telephone conversation when they developed and patented the photophone, a type of telephone that directed audio dialogs without a wire across regulated, contracted electromagnetic wave projections. Aside from the fact that it was constrained by the accessibility of both clement weather and sunlight, this invention was shelved initially because there were no concrete or useful applications for it in that period of no electricity. The principles surrounding the photophone would only be harnessed for actual use numerous decades later in communications for the military and after that, fiber optics.

Electromagnetic waves have become the fundamental core of the majority of wireless technologies today. The works of David E. Hughes, Thomas Edison, Heinrich Hertz, James Clerk Maxwell and Michael Faraday, and Jagadish Chandra Bose further stamped the usefulness of electromagnetic waves in communicating wirelessly. Later on, other inventors would create the radio which most customary wireless technologies use today.

Wireless Communications Applied at Present

Radios transmit information without the need of an electrical conduit whether the distance is a mere meter or millions of kilometers away. This innovation has been employed by many applications or technologies today, such as cell phones, computers, deep-space radio broadcasts, global positioning systems (GPS), televisions, two-way radios and wireless networks among others. Wireless technologies have been a huge boon in the corporate world and medicine as well. Businesses in America rely heavily on phone systems for daily operations, and companies that set up phone systems, such as the A1 Bizcom in San Antonio, Texas, are invaluable to them.

The cellular or mobile phone is the handiest device to date and the most updated one to boot. For instance, an avant-garde wireless technology has recently been developed to enable smartphones to connect to one another better without running through a central station. Furthermore, nowadays, if you do not know what a netbook or a tablet is in terms of techy gadgets, you have been living under a rock.

To sum up, wireless communications have been around for some time now and has helped society manifold. Constant updates and further innovations to improve what already exists today are to be expected, bringing more advantages and connecting more lives.

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