Windows 7 Starter and Changing the Desktop Background

When purchasing a netbook, remember that they  usually come with Microsoft Windows 7 Starter Edition installed.  Rarely will it come with any type of upgraded Windows 7 version.  If you have found a specific annoyance with Windows 7 Starter Edition, you are not the only one.  The one I had the most issue with is that you are unable to change or customize your background.  This was one of the main annoyances I had with Windows 7 Starter edition.

There are tricks and changes you can do to change them, but the easiest and fastest way to do this is by installing the Oceanis Windows 7 Background Changer.

Click on this link: Oceanis Windows 7 Background Changer and unzip the file, and install.

I have used it and am still using this program.  Its a small and simple program that allows you to change and personalize your windows desktop background.  Use it, its great!

Remember, if you ever do an upgrade to another  edition of Windows 7 in the future, be sure to uninstall the Oceanis program first to avoid incompatibility issues the new edition of Windows 7.   It was designed to work with Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic editions.


  • Ken Reed says:

    I’m a relatively new Windows user and recently upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium on my laptop.
    I do not want to advertise which user accounts are available on my laptop and would prefer the standard Ctl-Alt-Del
    method of logging in.
    I tried the various steps of accessing password management, went to the Advanced tab, but the “Require
    users to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete” check box is grayed out.
    I am the administrator on this lap top, so I am at a loss.
    Is this not possible with Home Premium?
    Am I missing something?
    Thanks in advance,

    Ken Reed

  • jaapkay says:

    Ik heb het programmaatje :”Chancing the Background” voor W7 starter gedownload op mijn mini laptop.
    Het werkt fantastisch ik heb nu een pracht foto als als background.

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