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What To Look For When You Buy Digital Cameras Online

July 31, 2012 Other Tech and Information No Comments

When in the market for a new digital camera, most people opt for a point and shoot camera. This is the basic starter digital camera. The point and shoot cameras can also be seen as discount digital cameras because their prices can be significantly lower than the higher end SLR digital cameras. When selecting a digital camera, you can often get the best deals when you buy digital cameras online. There are several basic guides when you are going to buy digital cameras online that can help you know exactly what you are getting and get the best price available. It helps when shopping for discount digital cameras to know what the differences are in the cameras and what you are looking for.

Most of the time, the manufacturers use numbers to dazzle and convince us of the quality and desirability of their products. Electronics gadgets are included in this trend. There are some factors to consider when you buy digital cameras online. One of which is the zoom capabilities of the camera. Usually, there are two zoom powers mentioned, one for optical zoom and the other for digital zoom. For most people, the optical zoom will provide you adequate zoom power and keep your pictures crisp and clear. An average optical zoom power of 10x is common in many point and shoots. However, because each camera is different and the optical zoom is achieved by the extension of the camera lens, the focal length of the lens is figured into a formula to determine the actual zoom power of a lens. Since most people are not math majors, we will keep this very simple. The formula is simply the focal length of the camera multiplied by the optical zoom power. If a camera has a focal length of 35 mm and an optical zoom of 10x, then the maximum zoom power is 350mm.

Digital zoom is often added onto the optical zoom, and can be a nice feature. In reality, digital zoom is simply cropping the image before the picture is taken. This can produce some nice photographs, but keep n mind that photographs taken with digital zoom can appear more pixilated, grainy or blurred. You would do much better to use a photo editing software to zoom in and crop images after they are taken to maintain the quality of the image.

Another area to consider when you buy digital cameras online is to determine your personal preference on batteries. Some cameras have a rechargeable battery that needs to be recharged by either docking the battery pack or camera or connecting a charging cord to the camera and charging the batteries in this fashion. In this case, sometimes you can purchase an additional battery pack and have it charged for a quick change so that you don’t miss any shots. Other people prefer using alkaline batteries and keeping extras with them. This is a personal preference and depends on your tastes and styles.

When looking at discount digital cameras, it is important to consider the LCD screen as well. Having a screen that is large enough to adequately see your images is not only a nice feature, it helps you to see if you actually captured that shot that you wanted to. The LCD screen can have many features, such as an auto rotation or touch screen, both of which can raise the price, but may be what you want as far as getting the most for your money. Finally, you should consider if the camera has features that you think you will use and will not be too confusing for the amateur photographer. Many features are packed into digital cameras, and most users do not use those that they have purchased. Have fun with your new discount digital camera!

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