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Web Design: It’s More Than the Aesthetics!

July 6, 2012 Other Tech and Information No Comments

For sure, the very first thing that comes to mind of most people when they hear the term “web design” is a beautiful and colorful website. Naturally, a great part of web designing is ensuring that it will be aesthetically pleasing to readers and online visitors. However, web designing is largely more than just that. Although a website or a web design is considered by many as an online form of art, it does not mean that you should only focus on that. There are more elements of web designing that should be prioritized especially if your ultimate goal is to create a design that is effective, functional and usable.

First, let’s talk about the structure of your design.

Structure is a very vital facet of a web design as this will serve as its building blocks. This will basically serve as the platform you can use for the presentation of content of your website. To be able to have effective design, structure-wise, you should have a wide grasp of understanding on coding skills such as PHP, HTML, CSS and other more. There are also scripting tools you can use like those offered by different blogging websites where you can automatically create your own site using the options and features they provide. Choosing the right tools for web designing is very essential as this will help you be more creative and flexible with the designs you are planning to make.

Coding is a crucial part of the structure of your web design so you should always be mindful of the codes you are using. For example, the use of bulky codes on a specific design can be a disadvantage as it can be source of numerous errors that can affect the structure and appearance of your websites. Further, if you are going to put some additional coding, make sure that they are greatly necessary to your website, because otherwise, these codes might just be the reason why your online site is loading slowly, or not loading at all. Your website will be a lot easier to use if you have a perfectly structured design.

How about the usability and functionality of design?

Obviously, you are designing a website because you want your visitors to use and navigate it, right? Because of this, you really have to make sure that your design is usable enough for online visitors to navigate, click on the working links, and go from a page to another page without having frustrations. This is why web design companies and experts always include sitemaps as this can help visitors and search engine spiders to navigate easily on your site.  

Functionality is another crucial element to a successful and effective web design, especially if interaction from your visitors is a priority for you. For instance, if you have a blog site or a forum site and you want people to comment on your posts, it is badly necessary that your comment form is properly working. If you want them to submit contents, you should create a submission form or method that they can easily use and follow.

When we talk about web design, always remember that it is not only about good color combination, fancy texts and photos. Its functionality, usability and its structure is greatly significant as well. Being able to produce all these elements will ensure you of a strong and successful web design.

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