Top Microsoft Windows 7 Tablet Better Than Android?

With the release of the new iPad 2 and all the hype from Apple, it makes me wonder, where is Microsoft in all the tablet wars. I did some research and found some great tablets that actually are running Windows 7. The android tablets are consuming the market, along with Apple iPad and a couple of others that have their own operating system. I have enjoyed the mass amount of apps that come with both the android tablets and also the Ipad.

However, what I really miss is having a computer that I can install all the Microsoft software that I have, and a have the versatility of using a Microsoft Windows product. Maybe I was just used to Windows, but I missed it! I missed being able to configure and change things around on the system. There is only so much you can do on the android system. I don’t have to download an app to use some of my word documents I looked for So, I have found a few of my favorite Tablets running with a Windows operating system.

The Viewsonic Viewpad 10
The first tablet I like is the Veiwsonic Viewpad 10 with Windows 7. This is a great tablet but at a higher cost than some of the others out there, including the Ipad2. However, you get your money’s worth. Not only do you have a tablet that has Windows 7 on it, it also comes with Android as well. You can choose which operating system you want to load! What a concept! If I want to use it more as a netbook, then I can load Windows 7. If I want to use it as an Android tablet with access to thousands of apps, then I can switch it to the Android operating system. It comes with a 10 inch screen, running on the Intel Atom N455 1.66GHz processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB Solid State Drive, 1.3MP Webcam, Wireless 802.11n, Bluetooth, mini VGA port, and a Micro SD slot. It may cost a little more, but its worth the ability to have both operating systems at your disposal.


The MSI Windpad
MSI was known for its netbooks, and now it has followed the pack and has a new tablet called the WindPad 100W. However, it did go with the Windows 7 Starter as the operating system. This tablet is a great 10 inch tablet, sleek, beautiful, and a contender for greatness in the tablet competition. It is more expensive again, than the other tablets out there. However, it ends up being cheaper by the fact it is not tied to any of the cell phone companies and forced to buy a contract for 2 years. It has dual cameras, front and back, and has lightning speed WIFI. The camera also has face recognition software and is able to log you into your account just by putting your face in front of the webcam. You can watch HD video, and it also supports Adobe 10 Flash player.

It runs with the Intel Melow Processor Z530 (1.60GHz), with Windows 7 Starter. It comes with 2GB of RAM, and a 32 GB SSD drive for storage. It has the 10 inch Wide LCD Multi-touch display that has Smart Brightness Adjustment for Optimal Lighting Condition. The MSI Windpad 100W is at a fair price, around $499, and is a great buy.


The Tega V2
The Tega V2 is almost a netbook with out the keyboard. Its similar to other tablets, but is priced higher than some of the android tablets. It has the Intel Atom N455 processor, 2 GB of RAM, and comes with a 32 GB SSD drive. The difference can be seen in its version of windows, it has the Windows 7 Premium operating system. Its has a 10 inch screen, and weighs almost 2 pounds. its as thin as an iPad, but the versatility and changeability of a windows laptop. It has speed and reliability. The TEGA v2 is a great tablet.



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