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Top 5 Domains Sold for the Maximum Price in 2013

November 12, 2013 Other Tech and Information No Comments

The internet has changed the way we live our lives. Today, almost every sphere of life is powered by the internet. Thanks to the internet, you can do just about everything from the comfort of your home. There was a time when you had to visit the city to purchase foodstuff and other day-to-day utility products. Nowadays, you can do the purchases online and the stores will deliver the products at your home. This process saves effort, time and money. When it comes to a website, you need to have a good domain name. You need to ensure the name is unique and easily remembered by visitors or customers.

Today, the buying and selling of domain names has become a business and as such, these names sell for huge amounts. Let us look at the top 5 domains that have been sold for maximum prices till date this year.

  • At number 5, we have Body.com that raked in a handsome $380,000. This was a private domain sale and was executed on 17 July 2013.
  • At number 4 came Brand.com that went for $500,000. This sale too took place in July around the first week.
  • At number 3 came the ReverseMortgages.com domain that sold for $600,000 on 31 July 2013.
  • The number 2 spot went to MathGames.com. This domain name was sold for a huge $725,000. This was a private sale executed a few days ago on 7 August 2013.
  • The top spot till date this year has been held by the 114.com sale. Again, this was a private sale and the total deal was for a staggering $2,100,000. This deal was executed on 10 July 2013.

As stated earlier, buying and selling of domains has become a very profitable business. It has even defied the principles of economics. Take for instance during the recession, companies were going bust. However, this downturn never affected the buying and selling of domain names as the amount of money won in this sector continues to be huge.

With another 3 months to go in 2013, the above top 5 figures can easily be challenged and it will be so surprise that domain names will sell for more than the topmost figure quoted above. As companies understand the importance of the internet and its impact on sales, they are ready to shell out more to purchase the perfect name to describe their business.

In conclusion, this business is set to reach even greater heights as the world economy shows signs of recovery. Most of the European countries have reported positive growth figures in the last few months.

The US too is showing signs of being on the recovery path. Therefore, going forward we can expect to see this business touch even greater heights. The impact is such that even smaller organizations are ready to buy domain names, as they understand the unmatched benefits of having a good domain name (interesting to know is that the Danish term is godt domnenavn) as it makes it easier to connect with customers and increase sales.

Is the above list correct as per you? Please share your feedback with us.

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