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Tips On Choosing Phone System For Your Business

April 25, 2014 Other Tech and Information No Comments

Small and medium businesses don’t have to go small when it comes to phone systems. Business phone systems with advanced features are used to be for big companies with so much budget for them but the recent IP phone systems allow small and medium businesses to swap old phone system equipment for new and advanced phone system designed to meet the requirements of fast-paced, mobile business.

IP phone systems also called voice over IP (VoIP), IP PBXs or IP telephony systems – offer dependable service and deliver high quality sound with minimal distortion, so you can expect all calls are coming through loud and clear. The customers can reach the right person easily and quickly with advanced calling features, distributed workgroups, and auto-attendant. Employees can stay in touch with each other while remain productive regardless of the place and time of their work with unified communication and collaboration features.

Here are the top 3 guidelines that will help you choose a business phone system that is perfect for you. If you want to know more about phone systems in San Antonio and surrounding areas, you may visit A1 BizCom.

1. Know the weakest link of your business phone system. Carefully evaluate the issues you encountered with your old phone system and what problems you like to be solved with the new system. Some of the common problems with the old phone system are the following:

  • Expensive to maintain.
  • Difficult to communicate having different phone systems in different offices.
  • Customers find it hard to reach the right person and spend too much time on hold or in voicemail.
  • High cost of third-party conference call services.
  • Unfit for today’s mobile workforce.
  • Workers are complaining about many problems of old phone system.

2. Develop a computation and evaluation on the benefits of new business phone system. Examine your gains when you switch to new business phone system. You can quantify productivity qualitatively and quantitatively. Know if the new business phone system can increase customer satisfaction, increase call volumes, or make call center agents more efficient. You can have a return on investment (ROI) in a year or less with the right IP phone system.

3. Decide which suits most to your business; on-premise or cloud IP phone system. Most companies manage on-premise IP phone systems. These companies usually make an upfront capital investment and shoulder operational expenses of running the phone system. A network consultant or reseller is hired by companies to install the system and provide ongoing maintenance. Meanwhile, more companies are turning into hosted or cloud services, which are housed and managed offsite by another company. In this model, you will pass the management of your phone system to traditional phone company, dedicated VoIP hosting provider, or even local reseller. In hosted approach you don’t need to worry about upfront capital expense of purchasing and setting up the phone system.

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