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Tips for Improving Your Typing Speed

October 3, 2012 Other Tech and Information No Comments

The arrival of the 21st century has brought a new requirement for success: swift typing skills. In a sense, QWERTY has become our obligatory second language. Computer use is becoming a staple of almost every occupation, and if you can’t speak keyboard, your job prospects will suffer. As a typist who can reach 125 WPM, I’ll offer a few tips to improve your finger finesse.

Here’s the most important tenet of typing: never look down! When I learned to type in sixth grade, my teacher had the foresight to nip the “two-finger keyboard pecker” problem in the bud. He forced the class to type blindly from the start. He stuck thin boards under our monitors, so that they hung over our keyboards.

“If you look down, you’re wasting time,” he said. For the first week, us kids fumbled around pitifully as we struggled without our vision. Then we picked it up – fast. Those little tabs on the F and J keys? Let them guide you – your eyes must stick to the screen, allowing you to correct errors as you type. After all, minimizing time spent on mistakes is also a part of speed.

Proper typing entails that each finger has a strict grasp of which keys it’s responsible for. At first, this can be difficult because our ring and pinky fingers are naturally inept. A good typing tutor will remind you to keep using these weaker extremities until they catch up. As you practice, all your fingers will gain a sense of how to reach each key. Anchoring your palms to the desk helps, since it gives your hands a frame of reference.

That’s keyboarding 101. If you want real speed, you need to start economizing your movements. This efficiency is a product of moving your fingers as little as possible while still making keystrokes. Forget pounding keys with your fingertips. Instead, your digits should hover very closely to the buttons, often grazing them as you move from letter to letter. Press as lightly as you can. This decreases your range of movement and energy invested in each stroke. Your wrists shouldn’t use any up-down motion; they need to operate solely on their left-right axis, like windshield wipers. Soothe the keys – don’t abuse them!

Keep these suggestions in mind and you’ll be setting your keyboard on fire in no time.

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