The Ultimate Guide to protecting your .dk domain from theft

Your website has been outperforming your competitors and it is based on the .dk domain associated. However, this is the age of technology, and competitors will always be on the lookout for ways and means to get ahead of you.

As despicable as it may sound, domain theft is a very common occurrence on the World Wide Web today. However, there are ways and means to protect your .dk domain from being stolen by someone else.

Stealing expired domain names

Let us start by looking at the most common method of domain theft, which is snapping up expired domain names. Now, you would think that it would be impossible for a domain to expire without the owner being aware of that. However, this is where having multiple email IDs is a curse. More often than not, domain owners enter an email ID that is not used often as their email address. This means that since they do not check the email often, they will miss the message asking for the renewal of the domain.

Many people online keep tracking the status of expired domain names. Since .dk domains are very popular, they will immediately snap up the domain and then sell it back to the original owner at three or four times the original price.

Solution You should always ensure that all your contact details are updated correctly. Your email address and well as your phone number should be ones that you use often. This will ensure that the renewal email is received on time and you are able to retain your domain name.

Stealing contact details

The second method of domain theft is getting the contact details for the domain changed. This is a more sophisticated form of theft. In this method, fraudsters will send you and email posing as your domain registrar and ask you to update your contact details in a form. They will then use the same details as an identification proof and ask the registrar to change all the contact information for the domain.

Solution If you receive any email from the registrar asking to update your contact details, you should always treat such emails with suspicion. Contact the registrar directly and ask them if such an email was sent. Also, set up a notification on your .dk domain, that all contact request changes should be approved by you exclusively. This will help prevent any unauthorized changes in the domain’s registration information.

There are some common methods, which you can use to prevent domain theft.

The first method is locking your .dk domain as it is known in Danish, at the level of the registrar. What this means is that all domains that are locked are basically frozen. In other words, the contact and registration details cannot be changed at any time.

You should also keep checking your registration details once a month. This will be an audit of all the contact information on your domain. This step is important to ensure that only the changes authorized by you are reflected on the domain.

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