The Samsung G800 Smartphone with Fully Integrated Camera

The Samsung G800 mobile phone has arrived, and what a phone it is! This stylish cell phone is yet another marvel from the design team who work at Samsung. This company has churned out a number of cell phones, electronics and gadgets in the past, and over the last few years has become known as one of the best brands when it comes to mobile, smartphone and cell phone technology.

 The Samsung G800 mobile phone is not only the largest mobile phone camera in terms of specification, but it is also a real scene stealer when it comes to looking good and design style. The elegant design combined with the name of Samsung is a very compelling combination and this device should beat the rival brands hands down – even though it may not be the slimmest phone on the market.

Compact and Fits Neatly Into Your Hand

In terms of functionality it is much improved and far more compact than its competitors. The Samsung G800 smartphone is a very good size and fits snugly into your hand.  The rear of the device holds the camera seamlessly complete with a sliding lens cover which will help to protect the device when in your pocket or when placed down on a surface.

Camera Comes with Optical Zoom

The main reason why the Samsung G800 is going to be so popular is down to the optical zoom, which is assisted by the specially designed internal zoom. This feature allows the user capture some awesome photos, and the whole thing fits neatly into the smooth body of the Samsung G800. The G800 has graphical user interface that works like a digital camera on the phone and it very easy to use.

Includes an In-Built Camera and Video Editor

The on-screen display shows various indicators whether the camera is in a horizontal or vertical preview mode. The G800 has a large 2.4 inch LCD screen and this feature allows the user to view images very clearly. The special built-in image editor and direct printing option let you achieve high image quality output and the video can be integrated and edited too.  To conclude, this new smartphone creates a new exclusive niche that is going to perform very well in the teenage to mid twenties market. 

Author Credit: This short gadget review was researched and written by Bob Simmons who runs the website.  Please visit his website today if you need to update the maps on your GPS in 2012.

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