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The iPhone 6

October 22, 2014 SmartPhones and Related No Comments

In this era where you have to have a smart phone, if you want to act smart, the high end level of staying updated to recent technologies is to have an Apple iPhone. And the recent upgrade in this trend is to own an iPhone 6. This wonderful up-gradation is the best smart phone in the market till date. The features and the technological advancements that you will get in this phone are extremely wonderful and do not have a match in this period.

The features of iPhone 6: One feature that most smart phone users are keen and passionate about is the size of the screen. And that is the reason why this phone out casts every other fellow smart phone in the market in the recent time. The Apple iPhone 6 even diminishes the glory of the past phones from this brand. While talking about the screen size, it must be mentioned that you will get an amazing 5.5 inch screen that will certainly remind you of the stunning visual quality of iPod Touch.

But the best part of this phone is of course the resolution of the screen. It offers a 750 pixel resolution with 1334 X 6. However, if that is not something that will satisfy you, you can also try and think again as the processor is certainly something that no other smart phone will be able to offer. As Apple is one of the biggest brands that never compromise with class and quality, they have again made their names strong with the A8 processor that has been used in this phone.

Think a bit further: There are however, many people who always want something more. And Apple is their peace haven. Taking care of every need and every demand of their users, they have stepped further with the innovation and creativity. The Apple iPhone 6 Plus is probably the best smart phone discovered in the history of smart phones. It has an even brighter screen with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. The quality of the images and videos will certainly have a wonderful visual appeal.

As the A8 processor used in this phone as well works faster than its predecessor with almost 25% more speed, there is the best opportunity to enjoy your tasks and surfing in this phone. With an extremely slim and slick body of only 6.9 mm, there is the amazing feature of both a big phone and also a handy one when you use the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 Plus on the other hand has a 7.1 mm thickness.

So, those of you, who prefer to use a big phone, will certainly love this one. The optical image stabilizer as well as the 240fps feature will give the amazing photography experience even in the slow motion mode. Enjoy an 8 megapixel camera and click high quality photos from your mobile phone. The 802.11ac and Voice-over-LTE feature are also added for a smooth connectivity. This phone is a must buy for all those gadget freaks out there.

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