The LG XNote Z330 Ultrabook Review

What is a Ultrabook? I was a big fan of the netbook and still am, however with the introduction of the tablet, my excitement waned….but I still found myself looking for that perfect netbook, and never found it. I dabbled in tablets, and did find one I liked, but for me android was still limited in what I could do. Plus I still had all the Microsoft software that was basically worthless and unusable.  So, I found the Viewsonic dual boot tablet that had both Windows and Android, but limited storage space.

Then the introduction of the ultrabook came, and I was fascinated. A ultrabook is a very souped up netbook/notebook. It divides the view of a netbook and a notebook. They are thin, powerful, smaller screens less than 15 inch screen. The LG XNote is one of these extreme notebook/netbook. The LG XNote has an incredible bright and vibrant 13.3 inch screen, with the blazing fast Intel Core processors. The upper end models will have the core I7 processor.

While the lower end will have the I5 processor. The storage capacity on this machine is great as well. The upper model shows off it’s 256 Gb solid state drive, the I5 will have 120Gb solid state. Both give plenty of storage space, with incredible speed. It is rumored that the boot up capabilities have been cut down to 10 seconds, thanks to the “Rapid Start Technology.” The great thing about this ultrabook is that other than the Mac Airbook, there is no other in comparison. It is thin and light, with a thickness of just 14.7mm (0.58 inches) and weight of 2.65 pounds. This means the LG XNote Z330 the thinnest Ultrabook to date. Although there are some challenging this like the Lenovo IdeaPad U300. With the speed, beauty, and thinness does come a higher price. The draw back is definitely the cost, but considering what you are getting for such a sleek machine, companies like LG, Samsung, and Intel are counting on the extra cost being worth it. The cost of the XNote is around $1,500. For me, the ultrabook is the next jump in technology, and eventually, the market will drive down the prices. The LG XNote is definitely worth the price

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