The Kyorcera Echo, a Smartphone and Much More.

When you thought it couldn’t get any stranger, take a look at the upcoming Sprint phone, the Echo, by Kyocera. It’s a tablet, no, a smartphone, no a netbook, which one is it? Its all three. Its a smartphone, with two touch screens, that can run two seperate apps at the same time. It’s screens are 3.5 inches, and open it up and you will have an almost 5 inch screen (if you count the two screens as one…)

Anyways, it will run Android 2.2, has a speedy 1Ghz Qaulcom Snapdragon processor, for wireless it has Wifi, and also 3g. It comes with a very impressive 5 megapixel camera too. It also comes with Bluetooth, and a brillian 480 x 800 display resolution. Its a great phone, and priced reasonably, at $199.00. It comes out in the middle of April this year.



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