The Kindle Fire Review High Quality, Great Price

The Kindle Fire is the latest from, and they are coming out with a very affordable weapon against the Ipad. The 7 inch screen, and the dual processor makes for a incredible tablet. What is great about the Kindle Fire is not only the price of $199, but what you get with this tablet. You are connected to the Amazon Cloud, which means you can store your music and videos and have access to them where ever you have Wifi.

You can download at will to your device and you can even store your apps for Android too. Amazon also includes a great feature called Whispersync, which allows you to listen to music, watch movies, read a newspaper, book or magazine, and when you go to a different device, you can pick up where you left off. If you are concerned about your email, no fear, they have an email app that allows you to get your email from all web based mail (Yahoo,Gmail,Hotmail, etc.).

The Kindle Fire has an incredible screen, with excellent picture quality. The Kindle Fire also comes with a blazing fast dual processor, running on Android 2.3. All of these features and the price make a great tablet, and a definite threat to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Ipad 2. Both are double the price of what you would be paying for the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire will be available late November, and can be available for Pre-order on right now.

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