The Fascinating Fujitsu Lifebook X2 Tablet Netbook Review

There is a new netbook or tablet, depending on how you use it, from Fujitsu. The new Fujitsu Lifebook X2, is a folding panel concept that is intriguing. It has 4 thin seperated sections, all connected, and able to fold out into a netbook size computer.

It is a compact little machine, flip up one section, and you have a small touch screen netbook, with a full virtual QWERTY keyboard. Flip it again, you have a full touch screen with virtual keyboard. All four sections unfold to reveal a physical keyboard and touchpad, and the two screens meld together to become a full-sized notebook display.

The Lifebook X2 is in development as of now, but should be available soon. Its a incredible design, one I find very cool. The combination of netbook and tablet technology, with a twist….or a fold. Check out the pictures.

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