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The Elocity A7 Android Tablet Review, Better than Ipad,Galaxy Tab

January 29, 2011 Tablet PC 12 Comments

I decided to give up my netbook and join the millions that own a Android Tablet.It was tough for me, because having a normal keyboard, instead of a touch screen keyboard was one of the reasons I held back for so long.But that was until I saw the Ipad.It is 10 inches of glorious beauty.I am not much of a Apple fan, plus the price along with reasons like not being able to get to the battery, lack of a SD card among the few.Plus the price for an Apple Ipad is too much for me.So, I started my research on what to buy, fair price, and what it looks like on the outside, and the inside as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was my next choice, but the cost plus the price of being forced into a contract was too much for me.  The Galaxy Tab is perfect for me, 1 Ghz processor, capacitive touch screen, brilliant colors, perfect screen size, plus it runs on Android 2.2.But the price that overpriced price was just too much for me.

My next search led me to a MID Tablet.  A MID tablet stands for a Mobile Internet Device.It is smaller, cheaper, lower end processor, and usually has less RAM as well.I found a X5a, it’s from China.China it seems has a lot of tablets available.The main problem I found with the x5a, was the resistive Screen type, which I find less responsive, and also they don’t support multi-touch.I ended up sending the X5a back to China.

7″ Touch Tablet PC MID Internet Media MP3/MP4 Player 2GB Google Android OS

As I mentioned, there are two types of screens, capacitive, and resistive. Capacitive touch responds to your slightest command.No need for a stylus. Take advantage of a screen that actually responds to your touch like it’s supposed to.A capacitive touch screen panel is one which usually glass, coated with a transparent conductor.It reacts to the human body, when it touches the surface of the screen it results in a distortion of the electrostatic field in the screen. The feel is smooth, and the response is quick, plus you barely have to put any pressure on the screen.

A resistive touch screen have two bendable sheets covered with a resistive material and is separated by little tiny microdots.When there is contact from your finger, the sheets press together where the horizontal and vertical lines push together creating the exact location of the touch to the screen.This type of screen does not support multi touch, but a single touch.

So, finally after doing more research, and not wanting to put out $500 for an Ipad, or Samsung Galaxy Tab, I found a tablet that had a 7 inch screen, which I wanted, and had a capacitive touchscreen, a good processor and a decent amount of RAM, plus have asolid look and feel to it.The Elocity A7 tablet was the answer.

It is sleek, smooth, feels great in your hands, and has the power and performance of the Galaxy Tab, but runs faster.The key is the price.For such a powerful and functional tablet, the price was only around $300.It is remarkably cheaper than the Ipad and the Galaxay Tab.It has plenty of apps, and runs on the Android 2.2 version.

At first I was disappointed that I did not have access to the Android apps market, for some reason it wasn’t on there. However, after updating the firmware, they decided to fix that and some other issues that had surfaced.It’s a great tablet, and I may even consider getting the 10 inch version when it is available.It’s a great tablet, well made, runs fabulously, and well worth the price.I was surprised and pleased with my purchase.

Another great thing is the support that is out there for this model, not only on the product home page Elocitynow.com, but this forum also: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=917

Here are the specs:

7-Inch Internet Tablet for Android 2.2,

NVIDIA Tegra II T-250, Dual ARM 9 CPU (1GHz clock speed) with 8 separate processors,

Capacitive Touch Screen,

4 GB Internal Storage,

Micro SD Card Slot upto 32GB,

1080p Viewing and HDMI Output for 1080p True HD Viewing,

3-Axis Accelerometer for 3D Gaming, Standard USB 2.0 Host,

3.5mm Audio Jack,

DC-in Connector,

Docking Port

1.3 megapixel webcam  

e-Reader application

Virtual Keyboard

Wireless & Bluetooth™ 2.1,

Flash Support,

Stereo Playback

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  1. I will add this blog to my favorites, it is great.

  2. vickie says:

    got mine on tuesday still trying to get it set up where I can get online through my cell phones ad hoc settings tried one mod and it didnt work anytips would be appreciated.

    • Lane says:

      I am not sure how it can use your phone as a modem. have you looked on the android marketplace for apps related to tethering? I am assuming that is what you are looking for. I found on the elocitynow.com webpage, which is the official webpage for the A7, that the A7 does not support tethering to your phone. However, you should google elocity a7 and tethering and see what comes up, also look up or post a question on the forum related to the eLocity A7. http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=914

      Sorry I wasn’t much help, on this subject I am still researching to see if its possible.

    • scottiej says:

      The tethering depends upon your cell carrier. Most block that unless you call them and pay extra to allow it. Most cell phones have tethering functionality already built in them.

      • admin says:

        Tethering does depend on the cell carrier, however, you can download a cool app called 3G Mobile Hotspot. If you have that on your phone, it makes an instant wifi hotspot. You can then connect your tablet to this wifi hotspot, and you have an instant internet access. It’s a great app.

  3. […] in speed and usability. It was A7 Elocity. The price was just too! It is a beautiful machine. The elocity a7 corresponds to the tab of the Galaxy, especially in the size of the screen. He is 7 inches of pure […]

  4. Gatorproof says:

    Owner Review after 6 months: I have been thru all the ups and downs with this unit and I have to say overall it is great. I have owned 5 or 6 tablets including the Zoom. After 6 months I have been thru all the updates from Elocity and XDA and ModyourMobile (I think it is called).
    Ok: bad 1) heavy and homely, screen is not as fun and wild as my Epic phone. however, the tap to enlarge is the best way to make the text larger. No Google market from birth, but that is about it for bad.
    The Good: Decent display, very quick with duel core bench marks in upper 2500’s. Faster then most cell phones and many other tablets. The factory has worked hard in correcting problems. $269 from BJ’s at times. I think I even saw it for like $215 someplace. Now the tablet is an open format meaning that you can do what you want with it firmware wise. I was running a Dexter Mod which was MotoBlur for awhile on my tablet. However, that update did not support the camera, was buggy in the USB, had some size issues because it was running a cell phone display input I guess.The sound and the wifi was buggy. I got to where I hated that firmware, and I tried to get it off the phone and was unable to restore the Elocity firmware and it was simple. I was using recovery and I typed in update.zip as insturcted when what did the trick was to name the file just update without the zip extention. I then loaded the honeycomb 3.0 firmware or Rom or what ever and played with it for awhile. Cool stuff, but again, not camera but at least the gallery worked but I had to hard boot it way too often. So I finally returned the tablet to the latest Elocity firmware update and used the “signed-update-a7-bbmod” from a young bright lad at XDA (I think) and no my A7 tablet is running all the factory firmware, plus the Google market, and all the USB, Camera and so on work. So here is a little 7″ tablet that is quick as lightning, for less the half the cost of a Zoom or Ipad 2 plus it can take SD cards (micro) direct from another source like a camera, up to 32 GB and it also takes standard USB A memory sticks up to 64 GB. So yes it only has a 4 GB factory SSD storage, but when you add the 32GB and the 64GB storage you have a Tegra 2 tablet that will handle 100GB of storage. Ipad or Zoom can not do this. When you consider the price you don’t have to make a huge decision to buy this tablet. I use the App 2 SD market app to move most of the apps off the tablet and over to external storage and I have never run out of room on the tablet. Now you have the entire Google market, the entire Getjet maket and the Appoke market as well. So not sure how many apps that is but am guessing like a half a million. How may apps does one family need? I bought a little stand on Amazon, two foam cases at the dollar store and double them up to protect it. I put on a skinomi (I think it is called) screen cover. In fact, I bought a 10″ cover, because I was going to use it on the Zoom I bought and when I returned the Zoom, I was able to get 2 7″ covers out of the one 10″ display cover. I plan to replace this tablet when a good quality 3D no glasses tablet comes out or now that I saw a 3D 51 Samsung Plasma tv/monitor for $779 yesterday, I may buy it and just keep the A7 until it dies. What do you really use a tablet for other then laying on the couch or in bed checking you email or surfing or showing you friends photos. Keep in mind this tablet takes a standard HDMI cable and plugs into your big HD TV and looks great on the big screen. Hope this helps anyone who wants a low price and high quality tablet and might be afraid of the Elocity. They are on Amazon refurbs for about $200, I have tried the cheap Gen78, the Cherry Pad and the Viewsonic G 10″ and they don’t hold a candle to this little guy. Although the Viewsonic might be able to be hacked into something worth having? But the UI would have to go and it will never have the storage of the Elocity.

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  6. […] Galaxy in speed and feel. It was the Elocity A7. The price was fair too! It is a beautiful machine. The Elocity A7 matches the Galaxy Tab, especially in screen size. It is 7 inches of pure delight. It is the […]

  7. […] Galaxy in speed and feel. It was the Elocity A7. The price was fair too! It is a beautiful machine. The Elocity A7 matches the Galaxy Tab, especially in screen size. It is 7 inches of pure delight. It is the […]

  8. […] Galaxy in speed and feel. It was the Elocity A7. The price was fair too! It is a beautiful machine. The Elocity A7 matches the Galaxy Tab, especially in screen size. It is 7 inches of pure delight. It is the […]

  9. […] Galaxy in speed and feel. It was the Elocity A7. The price was fair too! It is a beautiful machine. The Elocity A7 matches the Galaxy Tab, especially in screen size. It is 7 inches of pure delight. It is the […]

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