The Acer Emachine Model EM350 Netbook Review

I thought I would do a quick review on the new Acer Emachine netbook, that was recently released. It is relatively the same as the Emachine Netbook Model EM250, however, its my opinion, the EM250 is still the better netbook. The look of the EM350 isn’t that great, however, the internal components have been upgraded. The outside case of the EM350 looks plastic and dull, and just doesn’t have the look of the EM250. It is also sold for $258, which is still cheaper than most netbooks, but still not as cheap as the EM250 was sold for.


The components are upgraded as follows:
Operating system: Both support Windows 7 Starter Edition, and also Windows XP. The EM350 has the Intel Atom N450 Processor with a blazing 1.66GHz, 667MHz Front Side Bus, 512KB L2 Cache. The EM250 had the Atom N270 1.60 GHz. So really not much more power there. The same amount of RAM, 1 GB and no upgrade on the screen or the wireless card. The card reader is a 2 in one card reader which is less than the 5 in 1 reader in the EM250. The graphics card is upgraded from Graphics Media Accelerator 95 in the EM250 to the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 with 64MB of dedicated video memory. That is a significant upgrade to the video graphics.

All in all, although the internal mechanics of the EM350 are in some ways better, they are not a huge difference, and I still feel the EM250 is the better looking machine. For the money, both are great, and still the least expensive netbook out there.


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