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The Acer Iconia A500 and W500 Tablet Review

April 10, 2011 Tablet PC 2 Comments

If you are looking for a tablet, before you purchase the iPad2, look at tablets coming from Acer. The two most talked about these days are the Iconia A500(android)/W500(windows) Convertible Windows/Android Tab, and the Iconia Touchbook, a dual screen laptop/netbook. Acer has been know to put out an excellent product at a very competitivly lower price than what other companies have to offer. This article will talk about the Iconia 500 series tablet.

The A500 comes with a choice of Android, or The Iconia A500 comes with the Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS, for those who prefer Android. If you don’t care for Android, you can order the Icona W500 Tab, which comes with the Windows 7 Operating system. Both offer a great looking tablet for a very reasonable price. None are tied to a cell phone company, which means they only come as Wifi only. For me that is fine, I prefer not to be roped into a 2 year contract just to play with my tablet.

However, for some this may be a deterent. It should be available around the end of April for the competitive price of $450. The beauty of this tablet is the optional keyboard dock that it goes onto. This allows you the funcionality of a notebook, but the portability of a tablet. Ideally, for me, having the ability to use Android and Windows on the same unit would be best, such as the Viewsonic Viewpad 10, which allows both Android and Windows 7 on it. Either way, this tablet is a great buy for the price.

Here are the specs:

The Iconia W500 Tab
Manufacturer:      Acer
Model name          Iconia Tab
Model id                 W500
CPU type                AMD C-50 ‘Fusion’ Dual-Core APU
CPU speed            1000 Mhz
Graphics               AMD Radeon HD 6250 (Fusio
OS                            Windows 7 Home Premium
Internal Mem     32GB SSD with microSD slot for further expansion
Display Size         10.1″ 1280 X 800
Screen Type        LED-Backlit LCD
Touch Tech         Capacitive Multi-touch
RAM                      2048 MB DDR3 RAM


The Iconia A500 Tab
Manufacturer:  Acer
Model name      Iconia Tab
Model id             A500
CPU type            Tegra 250 CPU
CPU speed          1000 Mhz
Graphics             AMD Radeon HD 6250 (Fusio
OS                          Android 3.0 Honeycomb
Internal Mem  16 GB with microSD slot for further expansion
Display Size      10.1″ 1280 X 800
Screen Type     LED-Backlit LCD
Touch Tech      Capacitive Multi-touch
RAM                   1GB RAM

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  1. […] it was phenomenal. Although there are competitive tablets out there like the upcoming release of the Acer Iconia which has both Android and Windows versions, Blackberry is still ahead of the game. The Blackberry […]

  2. Kim Leo says:

    The A500 doesn’t have the Radeon card, it uses a Geforce ULV chip.

    As for the lack of 3G I agree, if I want to go online and I don’t have a wireless hot spot near me, I have two options, use my phone and browse directly on it, or activate my phone as a wireless hotspot, and connect my laptop or tablet to it.

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