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Smart Tips to Avoid Losing Data on Your POS System

October 7, 2014 Other Tech and Information No Comments

Retailers rely a lot on information technology to run their businesses. They have to record sales, update inventories, process tax returns, tabulate expenses, and calculate profits or losses. Doing all these tasks manually for a large business can be a nightmare. However, point of sale systems help to make the work of running a retail business easier. And, while POS systems can automate many tasks, the data that they process can still be lost.

As a business owner, you should anticipate situations when your business could lose important data and put in place contingency measures to address these concerns. Here is how to go about preventing data losses that can have a negative impact on your business’s bottom line.

Protect Workstations with Surge Protectors and UPS Units

Power fluctuations can disrupt services at a retail store, but even worse, they can damage computers. A power surge for instance weakens and even burns the components inside a computer system. This can corrupt data or cause an entire workstation to fail. Installing a surge protector is a wise investment that will lessen the chances of these negative outcomes from happening.

Prevent everything from coming to a halt when power goes off in your store by installing UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) units on every computer. These will units keep your computers running for several minutes in the event of a power blackout. They allow cash attendants operating epos till systems to complete transactions and even continue checking out clients before you can turn on the generator.

Backup Your Business Data Daily

Always backup your business data on a daily basis because you never know when a disaster can strike. Nowadays, you can find reliable point of sale systems that provide cloud based backups. This means that your business data will be stored on a server at an offsite location. It is never a good idea to keep backups in the same location as the original data. This way, you can avoid losing backups should a natural disaster or burglary occur at your retail store.

Recover Corrupt Data

When the data stored on your point of sale terminals becomes corrupt, backing it up will do you no good. Your business can suffer major discrepancies if records of sales transactions become corrupt before backing them up. While trying to reconcile data manually may help to solve the problem, this can take too long. Recovering the corrupt records may be a viable alternative you may want to explore.

Thanks to technology, there are software programs these days that recover corrupt or even deleted data. Some of these applications are free to use such as Recuva, PhotoRec, TestDisk, Restoration and Undeleted Plus. Should you choose to use data recovery software, check the system requirements for using these applications.

If you are afraid of losing business data on processed by your POS system, there are easy steps to prevent this from happening. Simply protect your workstations from power surges, backup data daily and use data-recovery software to retrieve corrupt data.

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