Six Features That Make ASUS B33E A Force To Be Reckoned With Today

Asus has come up with so many designs of products that are continuing to please many users. Such items include: laptops, notebooks, desktops and other hardware products. Most of these products have the capabilities to handle games that are resource intensive in nature. Below is a detailed ASUS B33E-RO003X review that you might want to have a look at:

1. Processor

The laptop has a very powerful processor and it boasts of Intel Core i5 with a clocking speed of 2500MHz. Most of the laptops can handle the high intensive video games without crashing the system or slowing it down. In fact, you can multitask by opening multiple windows while playing your game.

2. RAM

A gaming laptop cannot do well without some specific amount of RAM. If for instance, the laptop has too little amount of RAM, it will not handle such high graphics’ demanding games. This is true even when the processing speed is high. The two components have to work hand in hand and that is why they should be of higher capacity as well. This machine comes with a DDR3 type of memory with a storage capacity of 4GB. Since most common laptops can play games with a memory capacity of 3 GB, this means that a machine that comes with 4GB of memory capacity is more than enough.

3. Video card

B33E comes with a video card that is dedicated for handling the latest games and other video files. The NVDIA kind of video cards are great for the latest kind of video games.

4. Hard disk

The laptop boasts of 500GB hard drive. This hard drive allows you to store a number of video games, video files and other vital files without running out of space. The speed for such a hard drive is about 7200rpm, meaning that you can enjoy every bit of the tasks you handle using the laptop.

5. Screen

A screen with bright features is always good for the latest games. This machine comes with a 13 inch screen allowing you to play almost any game that comes your way. The screen resolution is best suited for the games as well. It has an LED backlit feature making it possible for anything on the screen to look brighter even as the colors go vivid.

6. Operating system

The gadget comes with windows 7 operating system which is full of graphics and allows for better features as you handle applications and images. It is a laptop that you cannot do without especially if you love playing games.

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