Samsung Galaxy Tab Only $350 Beats iPad Price!

If you were finally waiting for prices to go down, your wait has not been in vain.  With the mass release of all the tablets coming out this year, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is coming new for only $350.00  The Galaxy Tab is one of the finest tablets out there, and is a great alternative if not a better alternative to getting the iPad.   It is in some ways better than the iPad because you can upgrade the memory, and also it supports flash.

It features the very responsive, capacitive 7″ touch screen, running on the  Android 2.2 operating system with full access to apps in Android Market.  It has Adobe Flash 10.1 support for high-performance HD video playback and Web browsing.  It has dual cameras, a 3.0MP rear-facing camera/camcorder and a 1.3MP front-facing camera/camcorder.  The process is the Cortex A8 processor features a 1GHz processor speed, 512mb of RAM, and 16GB memory for multitasking power, plus a microSD card slot for expansion.


The most important thing to realize is that it is WIFI only.  With the amount of hot spots out there, this really isn’t much of an issue.  Plus you are not tied to a contract with a large cellphone company.  Its a great deal, and a fabulous tablet.  It is available April 10th, and can be found today at FRYS.COM for pre-order.



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