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No Contract Cell Pre-paid Phones, The Only Way To Go!

January 25, 2011 SmartPhones and Related 6 Comments

My two year contract with a large, bloated, overpriced cell phone company ended recently, and being in the financial difficulty that I am in, decided hesitantly to buy a no contract cell phone.  What a pleasant and freeing experience it was.  I used to have a fabulously expensive smart phone, but sold it and found a cheaper phone with the contract free company, Straight Talk.  Now, I am not an advocate of this company, however, they are the one that gives you more bang for the buck.  There are many pre-paid no contract deals out there, research before you blindly pick one, because you may be over paying.

I do confess, I miss my smartphone, the screen, the operating system, etc. However, I do not miss the contract. Straight Talk is the company I am with now, it is cheap, and it is the biggest bang for your buck. It is only $45 for unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited internet. How can you beat that? None of the major carriers come close. T-Mobile recently came up with a no contract plan, that is comparable, however, they do not allow unlimited text and internet.  The big cell phone companies just don’t get it. There are a growing breed of consumers who are tired of contracts.

It is my belief, that the days of the 1 or 2 year contract is near the end. I never could understand why we have put up with it for so long in the first place. There are many different no contract cellular phone companies out there, if you are tired of the 2 year rip off, check them out. They will save you time and headaches. Just don’t expect the newest and best cell phones to be available.  But, that is changing. Boost mobile has the Blackberry Curve, and some of the others are finally coming out with some decent phones as well.  Straightalk is still lacking in that department.

The benefit for no contract cell phones, or prepaid phones is there is no contract, therefore, no credit check. If your credit is bad, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can pay your bill either prepay, or by credit card, then you will have a cell phone.

Compare the Prices:

Sprint: 450 minutes,unlimited data,unlimited text = $70+$10 Smartphone fee =$80

AT&T: 450 minutes,2GB data,unlimited text= $40+$25+$15 Smarphone Fee =$80

Verizon Wireless:450minutes,unlimited data,5000 texts=$40+$30+$20 Smarphone Fee=$90

T-Mobile: 500 minutes,unlimited data,unlimited text=$80


Boost: $60 everything unlimited

Straightalk: $45 everything unlimited

Virgin Mobile: $60 everything unlimited


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  1. Bradley says:

    The good news is that Straight Talk have now brought out some really good smartphones. The Nokia E71 and the Nokia 6790. These phones do all that you would expect from a smartphone and the cost is still only $45 a month for unlimited everything. This is probably half of what it costs you to run an I phone or a Blackberry. The fact that you are not on a contract is great. Apart from the fact that the contract company always rips you off with sneaky charges, with Straight Talk you are free to upgrade your phone anytime you like.

  2. Beth Shira says:

    I have the E71 too! It’s not an Iphone but it’s comparable to a Blackberry and for $45 a month for unlimited everything, it’s amazing.

    Now I happen to be in an area where AT&T is strong, but other Straight Talk phones run on Verizon and they don’t have a comparable phone on that network just AT&T and TMobile. But Straight Talk on AT&T is perfect for me and the savings are awesome, too.

  3. […] the Elocity A7, and also have been thirsting for the Galaxy Tab, the price plus being forced into a contract with a major cell phone company for 2 years, no thanks. The Ipad for $399 is the way to go. Get it while you can, not sure how long […]

  4. Tony says:

    If I buy a straight talk phone with the unlimited plan can I call any cell phones regardless of their carriers?

    • Lane says:

      Yes, if you buy a straightalk phone, you can call any cell phone, no roaming charges. The unlimited plan is the best one out there.

  5. Rita says:

    I gotta agree with all of this. Their parent compant Tracfone is the phone i have.. so I guess its not exactly a straight talk but the phone has been so great. I mean the amount of money I have saved it just ridiculous. I can’t imagine just spending three times what I pay for the same service basically..

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