New Netbook Tablet Design By Fujitsu, The Flexbook

Fujitsu has always had great Notebooks and Netbooks. Now they have come up with something even greater. If you are looking for a new tablet or netbook concept, you will love this new design from Fujitsu. Recently at Fujitsu’s 2011 Design Award contest, there is a new netbook/tablet that was designed with a twist, literally.  The name of this new incredible design is The Flexbook.  It was created by a Taiwan designer named Hao-Chun Huang.

The concept is a foldable netbook, that also can also be used as a tablet.  The whole keyboard and screen can be folded to reduce Flexbook by half its size and  make it fit in a larger pocket.  It is waterproof, and pliable.  It will have a ll inch folding screen with a detachable keyboard.  The Flexbook is designed with portability in mind, and can be folded and unfolded for use where ever you go.

It can convert from netbook into a tablet or e-book reader when you take away the folding keyboard.  It will also have swappable rubber skins, that can be used to customize it any way you want. There are not any manufacturers for the internal components as of yet, but it will be interesting to see how and when this design will come to fruition.


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