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New Movements in Healthcare Technology

March 14, 2013 Other Tech and Information No Comments

The healthcare IT requirements that were introduced in November 2012, have seen R&D departments and technology companies responding accordingly. Various high caliber management systems have been implemented which improve the efficiency of medical personnel, as well as adhere to the guidelines imposed by the American Recovery and Investment Act, and the Healthcare Reform Act.

Why The Systems Are Needed

The act requires hospitals and medical facilities to have fully integrated records, based on the mandatory ICD-10 code transition. Although the deadline for compliance is not until October 2014, many companies have already developed systems which effectively satisfy the requirements and make record keeping much easier.

The overall plan calls for the uploading of medical records onto a full service online database, and if you see a nurse or doctor at your healthcare facility using a large portable computer, it may be a sign that they have already adopted the process. Most facilities want a system that is easy to use and manage, and various companies have come up with appropriate solutions, including Centricity Practice Solution.

What Are These Systems For?

The healthcare system needs to have an all purpose data management process in place, according to the requirements laid down by the Health care Reform Act. Since the requirements were made known, several systems have been developed by R&D departments and IT corporations that are user friendly and meet the guidelines. Making the managing of patient records simple and effective is the overall goal of this plan.

How Are These Systems Better?

Medical professionals are guided through the new process with an easy to use GUI, and are able to learn how to enter the data so that it is compliant with the new standards. Once records are entered in the system, they can be accessed quickly with just one click, and it is no longer necessary to search through written files of patients.

Because the new system is easy to use, it is virtually foolproof and allows medical personnel to easily make changes when necessary and reduce the chance of making a mistake. Records can be found through search engine inquiries, and indexing, as they are divided up into several different categories. Medical staff can also search by keyword, and all of this means that the right information can be accessed much more quickly and accurately.

Benefits Of IT Solutions For Healthcare

Patients, as well as doctors and others in the medical field can benefit from these managed IT services, which save time and money. Other benefits include:

* Important patient data can be accessed immediately.* Less time needed to update.* Patient file sharing among staff is simpler.* Coding system is straightforward to use.* Medical records are more secure.* Increased productivity.* The categories can be accessed by indexing and search engines.* GUI is easy to use.* Medical staff need less training time.

In short, because the system is faster, easier to use and more accurate, it is likely that more lives will be saved by using it. All hospital departments are able to instantly keep up wit ha patient’s condition and diagnosis, and information can be immediately entered and then made available for viewing. In addition to all the practical advantages, anyone using the system is also complying with the guidelines spelled out by the Healthcare Act.

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