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Misconceptions About Website Monitoring

July 6, 2012 Other Tech and Information No Comments

There are of course, a lot of misconceptions about website monitoring and that is why some of the website owners are hesitant to get the website monitoring service because of the wrong beliefs. The following misconceptions are common.

Remote monitoring eats up a lot of bandwidth – It will take a small amount of network usage and CPU time to do a check on your hardware, but each test needs only the resources you would spare to deliver the content to a single user. Basic services like PING, Trace route and HTTP status check don’t equal a substantial amount of traffic. Even performing an end-to-end test on a web page barely involves more than a megabyte of traffic.

Monitoring your resources from remote locations is not secure – This reflects the present state of your resources. The majority of these agents less monitoring solutions replicate user behavior; whether it is a just a simple visit to your website, or an implementation of an application, agent less performance tracking demands the same credentials you would grant to regular users.

Website monitoring does not provide enough resolution – It is thought that it cannot tender the needed minimum of detailed information required to make significant decisions. While this may be true to a certain extent, fundamental metrics for sustained performance issues are available and recorded. Additionally, collecting much data could drive up the costs and reduce vital information.

External monitoring solutions cost more – External monitoring systems cost less, but they are also faster and easier to implement. The initial investment is fairly modest compared to what you would end up paying for a complete internal solution. Therefore, the return of investment is pretty shorter and more significant. Not all enterprises need or could invest in hardware and more staff. This makes external website monitoring a great solution for small and big businesses alike.You need to monitor all your resources – Monitoring more than what you actually necessitate is neither time nor cost-efficient.

Business-critical systems frequently represent only a fraction of your infrastructure; involving people with knowledge of the IT ecosystem in the decision making process will save you money as well as time. One of the wonderful features of agent less monitoring solutions is scalability. In case you are not quite sure regarding the resources you need to monitor, start with the basic service and a limited set of servers, or websites. You can always expand and spend on remote monitoring whenever you will need it.

The misconceptions mentioned above may pull you down not to avail website monitoring services. But it is up to you. If you want to succeed with your online business, forget about these misconceptions and avail its fantastic services.

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