LG Thrill 4G 3D Smartphone Review

I was a little curious about the capabilities of the new LG Thrill 4G smartphone. It will have full 3D without the need for glasses! This is pretty incredible. This phone will be the first 3D phone from LG, and is going to be with AT&T and will be in direct competition with Sprints HTC Evo 3D phone. The LG Thrill is impressive by itself, but as a 3D phone it is even better. Even though most consumers are skeptical about the usability of 3D on a smartphone, LG will encourage the 3D use by contracting with Game loft for 3D games and also with YouTube for user-generated 3D videos. The 3D capabilities can be turned off and on with a push of a button. Even better is the price. AT&T will be selling this phone for only $99! What a bargain.


What is even cooler is that you can actually do 3D recording. This smartphone incorporates a dual-lens 5-megapixel camera on its back. With the 4.3-inch 3D WVGA screen it lets you view the 3D content without the usual required glasses because of its glasses-free 3D screen. You can record 720p HD video in 3D, you can record 1080p HD video in regular 2D.

The LG Thrill comes with a dual-core, dual-channel 1GHz TI OMAP4 processor 16GB memory (8GB internal storage plus an 8GB microSD card). The LG Thrill 4G is using the Android 2.2 platform. It is a great phone for the price. There are other phones out there, but this one is a great buy. We’ll see how 3D does on the smartphone platform, without having to wear the cumbersome glasses, it may have a good chance at being the new wave of the future.

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  • Damon says:

    I am looking for a phone that will be fast and reliable, and judging from the fact that it has a dual-core processor and 4G, I think that it has the performance to back up its sleek look. Both of these should make the downloading and streaming easy for the phone. I am a huge movie streamer, and I think the Thrill would do great if I got one. I use the DISH Remote Access app for all my streaming needs. I love this app because it lets me stream live TV and recorded shows from my 922 SlingLoaded receiver to my phone anywhere I am in clear HD! Whether I am on my way to school, or in another country, I can watch any show I subscribe to. As a customer and employee of DISH Network, I have been using the app for a long time, and I know it will work wonders on the Thrill!

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