IPad Price, Huge Discount!

The Apple Ipad is a great tablet, and if you can hold back and not by the newest IPad 2, goto your nearest Best Buy and see that they have recently discounted their Ipad 16GB from $499, to $399. Now, for those who want the newest version the IPad 2, well, I can’t speak to you. There are those of us who can’t wait for to have the newest tech in our hot little hands. However, the Ipad 2 really doesn’t come with anything that great as far as upgrades. Sure, its a little lighter, a little faster, and now a little more expensive.

To get the Ipad at a reasonable price, that is what I have been waiting for. Even though I have the Elocity A7, and also have been thirsting for the Galaxy Tab, the price plus being forced into a contract with a major cell phone company for 2 years, no thanks. The Ipad for $399 is the way to go. Get it while you can, not sure how long those prices will last.   Click on this Best Buy Link or Walmart Link see the good deals for the IPad.


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