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How Does Vonage Work? Quick Tips Guide

July 24, 2012 SmartPhones and Related No Comments

Since its birth in 2001, Vonage has pioneered Internet phone usage. By becoming one of the first companies to offer an alternative to traditional phone usage, Vonage has helped people everywhere cut down on their usual telecommunications costs. It is thanks to Vonage’s cheap Internet telephone service that a growing number of people have begun to use VoIP. For those who are looking to move from using a traditional phone to a VoIP based one, it is necessary to understand the Vonage system and how it operates.

<h1>How does Vonage work: VoIP</h1>

VoIP, otherwise known as ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’, was pioneered by Voyage alongside a handful of other companies. It is thanks to this that Vonage has been able to replace land lines with Internet based telecommunications. When using an Internet based phone, it will operate the same way that your land line does. Naturally, you will feel hesitant over trusting the Internet to perform the same function as your usual phone. You can draw reassurance from the fact that millions of consumers now use VoIP as their main phone, and a growing number of businesses are choosing to do so too. One of the main reasons for them doing this is that services like Voyage’s are just as reliable, but are cheaper.

<h1>How does Vonage work: ease of use</h1>

For those who have relied on land lines and cell phones, the prospect of switching to Vonage is daunting. Fortunately, there is no real difference between Vonage and a land line phone. You dial the numbers in the same way, and the person connects at the other end. You will not notice any difference, and neither will the person you are calling.

<h1>How does Vonage work: equipment</h1>

Unlike your land line, Vonage will require some specialist equipment in order to function properly. You will need to be connected to the Internet either via an Ethernet cable, or through a Vonage phone adapter. By using this equipment, your phone will connect to the Internet and you can begin making calls.

<h1>How does Vonage work: advantages</h1>

One of the major advantages of Vonage is that it is much cheaper than a land line, but you still get all the benefits of a normal company. This is particularly the case when it comes to long distance calls. Your average land line telephone service will charge you astronomical amounts for using such services, but Vonage are capable of offering them at a fraction of the cost. If you are one of the many Americans who has family living overseas, this will save you hundreds each year.

<h1>How does Vonage work: emergency calls</h1>

One of the major drawbacks to Vonage is you have to pay for an extra package in order to make 911 calls. Vonage is compatible, but the extra costs the company incur each time a call is made means you have to pay more for the privilege. This has naturally caused controversy amongst those who have gone to make a 911 call with Vonage, but have been unable to complete it.

<h1>How does Vonage work?</h1>

In simple terms, Vonage will allow you to have the same options as your current land line. The major difference is that Vonage will charge you less. Hopefully, this article will help you decide whether you would like to switch to Vonage or not.

Matt writes on behalf of Call Multiplyer based out of Oklahoma. Call Multiplier services local Oklahoma businesses as well as customers nationwide by providing auto calling services among others.

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