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Health apps for Android smart phones

March 4, 2014 SmartPhones and Related No Comments

There are a lot of applications hovering the net for Android smart phones such as games, diets, medical related, movies, you name it and its right there on your phone.

If you want to research on medical anatomy or look up any drug information such as pills or other products, all you have to do is download the app on your Android smart phone from Internet. Any application does require internet connection to view the information.

There are a lot of applications which is compatible with Android phones that is available in Google play and other websites. I will just list out a few:

1. Epocrates Rx: It is a free software for android smart phones and there are more one million active members which includes physicians to improve their knowledge and practice of various drug products that are currently available in the market.

2. Epocreates Essentials: It is not a free app and needs to be purchased for $159.99 for a period of one year and $269.00 for two years. This applications is an all in one stop for drugs, laboratories, diseases, pregnancy risk categories etc.

3. CardioTrainer + racing: It is a two in one application which costs you $2.99 that makes you challenge yourself to push yourself to the limit. Features include virtual race simulator with an automated voice to provide user about the time limits. CardioTrainer app gives you weight loss module which costs you another $2.99.

4. Fast Food Calorie Counter:Count your calories before you eat. It is an affordable software that costs you only $1.99. Featuring information about around 9,000 items, this application gives you the calories, carbs and protein that your food is packed with. You can download another version of this app which is FREE Calorie Counter Lite.

5. First Aid App:the ultimate “Mommy-app”, brought to you by the American Red Cross. It is a complete data base of step by step instructions if you have to face prompt first aid situations. It also features 9-1-1 integration through which you can call emergency medical services from your app. It is a free app that works in any Android phone.

6. MyFitnessPal:is an application for Android smart phones that will work on your daily target of food consumption by calculating your height, age, sex and weight. It is a free application which gives you a graph of your weight loss depending on your day to day consumption of food.

7. Nutrino:Before you go, make sure to download this ABSOLUTELY GREAT FREE application which builds a personalized menu for you after you punch in your information such as height, weight, age etc. It lists out the ideal weight that is needed and delivers a menu combined with a shopping list of foods which also includes meal plans for working out your desired goal of losing weight.

Rajeev Sahadevan works for netbusinessreview.com and is an ardent blogger. You can read all the latest features and reviews on netbusinessreview.com. If you want to install Mobistealth you can do it now !

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