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Frequently Reported Issues with Laptop Battery

June 29, 2012 Other Tech and Information No Comments

Every laptop owner goes through the nagging problem in which the laptop battery won’t charge. Some of the frequently reported issues with laptop battery could include the following:

  • Dead battery – Every laptop battery is designed to last a limited number of recharge cycles only. Replacement of dead batteries with a new one is an additional expense that you need to factor in at the time of purchase of a laptop. Poor usage habits such as leaving the laptop running while not in use can only expedite this process.
  • Faulty connector – A faulty connector is one of the most common reasons for laptop battery not charging. Replace a faulty connector immediately to ensure flawless performance of the battery. You can use the Internet to learn more about the popular laptop power supply brands that can work well with your laptop.
  • Software issues – Your laptop battery might face charging issues because of faulty or missing software. There arises a need to reboot power management programs from the Device Manager if your laptop shows a reading of ‘plugged in, not charging’.
  • Loose connection – One of the most common issues for a laptop battery not charging is due to a loose battery connection. This is more likely to happen if your laptop falls or is not handled properly. Make sure that the laptop battery is plugged tightly into the battery compartment.
  • Heating – It is important to learn to operate your laptop as per the enclosed instructions only. Operating the device during humid and hot conditions can result in battery damage.
  • AC Adapter – Problems with an AC adapter can often prevent the batteries from getting charged. You must check if the AC Adapter is working fine and if required replace it to get uninterrupted battery charging.

Keep the aforementioned points in mind before considering replacement of your laptop battery with a new one. Many times, all it requires are minor fixes to get the battery charge back and running. Another resource to think about is refurbished laptop batteries. Many times they’re just as good as new but can save you significant money. Check your local computer shop.

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