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Easy ways to speed up your Windows computer

June 24, 2012 Other Tech and Information No Comments

There are a lot of different things you can do to speed up your Windows computer.  I recommend running a defragmentor,  ccleaner and msconfig.

Puran Defrag is a good program to defragment your hard drive.  It offers a boot time defrag which seems to work very well.  It works a lot better than the defrag program which comes with Windows.  I like the boot time defrag because it will defrag your MFT (master file table) too.  When your MFT becomes fragmented it slows down your computers ability to access the MFT so Puran defrag is vital to keeping your computer running fast.

Ccleaner will delete junk files and clean up your registry.  Simply install Ccleaner and click on the cleaner button.  Then click on Run Cleaner.  This will delete all of the temporary files that have built up on your computer.  The next step is to click on the registry button.  Now click on scan for issues.  Once it has detected all of the issues your registry has click on fix selected issues.  This will optimize your registry and clean out all the temporary files on your computer.  These temporary files and registry errors can slow down your computer drastically.  It is a good idea to run Ccleaner once a week to keep your system optimized and running well.

Finally, the most important tool you can use to speed up your computer is called MSConfig.  It is installed by default on all Windows XP, Vista and 7 PC’s.  On Windows XP just go to the start menu, click on run and type in MSConfig and press enter.  On Windows 7 or Windows Vista, just click on the start menu, type in MSConfig into the search box and press enter.  Once the program is up and running, click on the startup tab.  There will most likely be a long list of programs which are starting up every time your computer turns on.  These programs will slow down your computer significantly.  When you look through the startup program list you will find many different programs running in the background of your computer.  Simply uncheck each program that you dont want to run at startup and click on apply.  You can experiment here by unchecking programs and see how it affects your computers operation.  If you want to re-enable the program simply go back into MSConfig and re-check the program.  Next you want to click on the services tab.  Click on hide all Microsoft services.  Do the same thing as before.  Look through the list and uncheck the programs you don’t want running in the background and click apply.  Reboot your computer.  You should notice an increase in speed immediatly.

Running these programs which I have recommended will help increase your computer speed.  If you are still having speed issues after you run these programs you might have a more serious issue and you will need to take it to a computer repair shop.  Thank you for reading and I hope that these tips were helpful.

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