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Different Types of MMO Games

January 13, 2013 Other Tech and Information No Comments

Massively Multiplayer Online gaming or simply MMO gaming has long been in the internet society. It is probably the most common type of computer game that is played by a large population all over the world. In fact, statistics say that the number of people playing MMO games online has gone to over 12 million players for the most popular MMO game today. The said statistics held a record for the most number of players of a single computer game. If the population of all the other players of the other MMO games is added to the current record, it would be more likely for the number to be doubled.

MMO gaming does not only cater players of the younger generation. Players can be as young as 5 years old and old as 60. Because there are different types of MMO games available in the internet, it basically gives fun to a lot of individuals. Below are some of the specific types of MMO games that people play.

MMORPGs or the MMO Role Playing Games are probably the most popular type in the MMO gaming world. This has to be the most famous of all game types because it allows an endless number of participants of the game. No matter in which part of the world you are, once you log in to the server that keeps the game running, you will be able to enjoy the fun with all the other players from anywhere.

MMOFPS or MMO First Person Shooters are also popular in a way because they are practically very easy to do. FPSs can be done in a team up or you can do a shooting rampage by yourself and against all the other players. This type of game is not only popular to male gamers but to female ones as well.

MMORTS or MMO Real Time Strategy games are usually the type that is highly informative and educational. RTS type of MMO gaming allows the player to go through puzzles and clues to find their way out to the end of the game.

MMO Racing games have become popular over the internet today. Racing games were only played on a PC where a gamer is playing against the computer. Now that racing games have entered the MMO gaming world, players are allowed to race against other players from all parts of the world.

Because it’s all about gaming, it doesn’t mean that it is exclusively made for kids. Some MMO games are also designed to cater to adults only. Adult MMOs only allow players who are above 18 years old because the game is themed to be accessed only by adults for some mature content.

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