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Web Design: It’s More Than the Aesthetics!

For sure, the very first thing that comes to mind of most people when they hear the term “web design” is a beautiful and colorful website. Naturally, a great part of web designing is ensuring that it will be aesthetically pleasing to readers and online visitors. However, web designing is largely more than just that. Although a website or a web design is considered by many as an online form of art, it do

Misconceptions About Website Monitoring

There are of course, a lot of misconceptions about website monitoring and that is why some of the website owners are hesitant to get the website monitoring service because of the wrong beliefs. The following misconceptions are common. Remote monitoring eats up a lot of bandwidth – It will take a small amount of network usage and CPU time to do a check on your hardware, but each test needs only the resources y

Frequently Reported Issues with Laptop Battery

Every laptop owner goes through the nagging problem in which the laptop battery won’t charge. Some of the frequently reported issues with laptop battery could include the following: Dead battery – Every laptop battery is designed to last a limited number of recharge cycles only. Replacement of dead batteries with a new one is an additional expense that you need to factor in at the time of purchase of a laptop.

How To Stay Connected While Traveling

Are you planning to go out of town or do a little traveling, but you don’t want to lose contact with many of your friends, family, or coworkers?  Well luckily there are many ways that people can travel and still be able to stay connected with people that are important to them.  It can depend where you are traveling to and what means you have to connect with others depending on your unique circumstances.  Howev

Easy ways to speed up your Windows computer

There are a lot of different things you can do to speed up your Windows computer.  I recommend running a defragmentor,  ccleaner and msconfig. Puran Defrag is a good program to defragment your hard drive.  It offers a boot time defrag which seems to work very well.  It works a lot better than the defrag program which comes with Windows.  I like the boot time defrag because it will defrag your MFT (master file


Tablet PC

How IPads Can Help Your Business

If you think that iPad is for entertainment only, then you are mistaken. This device has many features that can help your business. IPads can help your business in many ways. Here are some of them. Better Presentations for Business Meetings There are several ways to do presentations during business …

Top 3 Most Interesting Windows 8 Tablets at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show is the first of many gadget conventions that showcase the latest in consumer electronics. The show is timed at the start of the year where consumer electronics makers are going to show off the track of technology for the rest of the year. Among the great …

Things to Consider When Choosing A New Tablet

Tablet computers are the new craze. In fact, PC sales have been dropping no thanks to the new kids of the block. Tablet computers are favored because of their extreme portability and ease of use. This is the reason why people are no longer keen on buying netbooks. The price …

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