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Advantages of Having a Computer Forensics Degree

July 24, 2012 Printers No Comments

Computer Science is a broad usbject and to learn about it, one must focus on a specific major. If you want to learn more about the internet, you may want to pursue a career on Web Development. If you have a knack for retrieving data, then you might want to consider a career on Relational Databases. On the other hand, if you have a knack for snooping what other people did on other people’s programs, have a keen eye on a software’s weak spots, have always found ways to recover lost data, then you might want to consider a career in Computer Forensics.

Some universities differentiate between Computer Forensics and Digital Forensics, saying that the latter focuses on investigation which involves digital devices such as mobile phones, routers and other devices involved in the crime. Some people use the term Computer Forensics to encompass all digital devices including desktops, laptops and servers.

Some people think that obtaining a degree from a reputable or accredited college or university can land them jobs quickly. The truth is, since Computer Forensics is a new field of study and due to rapidly changing technology, there are not many computer forensic graduates and even if there are, very few can keep up with the latest technologies. The result is a multitude of open computer forensics jobs, and companies would want graduates to work from Day One.

The most practical approach therefore is to take an online criminal justice degree. Online criminal justice degrees are just as effective as taking them in a classroom setting. In fact, many online universities may also require hands-on experience as part of their curriculum.

Taking an online criminal justice degree in conjunction with your computer forensics degree enables the student to delve into the cyber criminal’s psyche. This is something that ordinary investigators or policemen cannot do. Sometimes, in a crime scene, law enforcers and investigators can come across a piece of device which can be used as evidence. It is up to the people with computer forensics jobs to be able to extract valuable information from this device and present the data in laymen’s terms so that the investigators, the judge, and the jury will better understand the evidence at hand and make objective judgements in carrying out the verdict.

Law Enforcement is not the only career path a computer forensic graduate may take. Every company has a specific system in place which it needs to safeguard from cyber attacks. In this way, computer forensic jobs also extend to other sectors such as financial, the media, and even retail.

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