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Acer Iconia 6120 Ghost Touch Fix

January 29, 2013 Notebooks / Laptops, Tablet PC 7 Comments

I have owned my Acer Iconia 6120 laptop, for about 8 months now.  From the beginning, I have had nothing but problems regarding the Ghost Touch issue. This is where the mouse starts clicking by itself, all over the screen, and you are left helpless, watching it click its way over the screen. Sometimes it stops, sometimes it goes for days, and even with a reboot, or system recovery, it still happens. There is no help from Acer, unless you want to get charged for replacing the hardware, which in my case, the warranty is up, so I am screwed. So….what do you do. I have stumbled on a temporary fix.

However, it takes away from two of the things, that brought me to buy this machine in the first place. It takes away the lower screen, and the touch capability. However, with this fix, it is usable, and I have not had the ghost touch syndrome ever since. I have seen suggestions of putting the screen in a certain position, or taking the battery out, these do not fix the issue. I have tried my method 3 times now, and it has never came back, at all! I will say, this should be a temporary solution, because like I said, you have no lower screen, and the touch capabilities are not used. But, you have basically a decent laptop, that you use a keyboard with. Portability is also an issue, but really, considering how heavy this beast is, portability was always out. What I have found is there seems to be a conflict between the virtual keyboard software, and the hardware. I have found a way to turn this off, well, not actually turn it off, but not install it. Again, this is a temporary fix, unless you want to keep it permanent, like me, or until I can afford to get it fixed from Acer.

Here is what you need to do.

1. You need a copy of Windows 7, and a usb keyboard, and a mouse. You are basically making your laptop into a desktop, but it is better than a useless piece of metal and plastic that clicks all over your screen. If you can live with it, then don’t bother with this, but I couldn’t. So, get your copy of Windows 7, even download it from torrent or buy a new copy. If you download it, I am not encouraging you to use pirated software, but a clean copy, where you will use the serial number from your machine.

2. Very Important! Download all of the drivers needed for your acer Iconia 6120 here. http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers.

3. Once you get the copy, install it, make it a clean install, meaning you do not want to upgrade it. This will give you all the windows software, but none of the Acer software. After you install it, install all of the Acer drivers except for the Touch Driver software.

4.Next you will go to the Control Panel. You are going to disable all of the touch capabilities for the Acer. Click on Tablet PC Settings.
1-26-2013 5-09-25 PM copy
Click on the “Other” Tab. Click on “Go To Pen and Touch
1-26-2013 5-10-00 PM copy
5. On Pen and Touch, un-check the Pen Button options, so there are no check marks.
1-26-2013 5-10-51 PM copy
1-26-2013 5-11-15 PM copy
6. Click the Flicks tab. Un-check the two boxes “Use Flicks…” and “Display Flicks…”
1-26-2013 5-11-42 PM copy
1-26-2013 5-11-58 PM copy
7. Click on Touch tab. Un-check “Use your finger…” and “Enable Multi-touch…”
1-26-2013 5-12-18 PM copy
8. Click on the Apply button, and then exit out of that window.

9. In the Control Panel, got to Display, then click on Screen Resolutions.

1-26-2013 5-13-45 PM copy
10. Where it says Multiple displays, click on the menu, and choose Show desktop only on 1. The 2nd screen will go dark, and the top screen will be the screen that works.
1-26-2013 5-13-13 PM copy
Click apply, then exit out. It may ask you if you want to revert back to original settings, choose No.

This can all be un-done, this is not permanent, nor does it damage the machine. You now have a laptop, that has one screen, without the ghost touch clicking all over your machine. Again, this can be a temporary fix, until you ship it to Acer, of fix it yourself. There is a way to fix the hardware issue, but it is extremely complicated. You are literaly taking the two screens apart and putting the machine back together again. I wouldn’t recommend it to most people, but there are some that may be able to do this. Definitely don’t do this if you have it in warranty still, otherwise, feel free to follow the video. It was the only one I have been able to find, and it is in Spanish. If you have any more information, or links feel free to comment.

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  1. Iman Cobra says:

    maybe it help a while! but it damages the laptop far away then it solute the problem
    look here :


    • admin says:

      It helps for as long as you need it. If you want it forever, you can keep it that way, or you can get it fixed. It does NOT damage the computer in any way. All you are doing is disabling the lower screen through the software. I have put a video of how to fix it on this post. It is difficult, and time consuming, but possible. Or send it to Acer.

  2. Iman Cobra says:

    I know about what you are talking! The Foam Tape will solve the Problems only for a while……you are asking where I do know this? I am the inventor for the

    first Ghost Touch solution with Foam Tape

    at least I found the Problem and found

    second and last Ghost Touch solution
    look at notebookforums.com

    maybe I will present it, maybe!
    the fix with foam tape will solve the problem for maybe weeks! not more or less! it depends how much you move your laptop! you will see

    • Bruno Monteiro says:

      Hi there! I found this forum today and I can see that Iman is here too. I bought the tape solution from him as the final solution and now I keep seeing him in forums trying to sell a “second solution”, well for people like me that already paid him to solve the ghost touch problem he offers a new solution for more money, what in my view is wrong as he is selling the same thing twice or to sell a defective thing and do not refund it. Yesterday I wrote a comment as this on his youtube as he was saying that other guys where dishonest and selling his ideas, or giving them for free. Today I was surprised as he deleted his videos on youtube, it doesn’t look right to me. I agree he did work a lot to solve this problem but he sold his idea of the foam tape as a real solution and now he is telling in many forums that it doesn’t work, or it isn’t a final solution. I will wait to hear from him, or for a refund, or for the solution I paid for.

    • Bruno Monteiro says:

      Hi guys! I got the answer!!!! DOWNLOAD from acer website the vga driver and install it. It wasn’t a hardware problem it is a software problem windows installs vga drivers that are faulty so just install the acer one again and the ghost touch goes away. Happy day for everybody.

      • admin says:

        I have done this before, it does not fix the problem. I will try it again, and see, but considering I have re-installed the operating system many times, and installed this vga driver, I have not seen an improvement. Unless you know of a more recent version than what is listed at their webpage VGA Intel VGA Driver 77.7 MB 2011/01/28 Download link

        Let me know if you have any other links that give a more updated VGA driver, this is all I can find, and it does not fix the issue.

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